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Special issue: AGORA: Ideas and Concepts

Web Ecol., 14, 61-64, 2014
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Comment/reply 19 Dec 2014

Comment/reply | 19 Dec 2014

Comment on "Opinion paper: Forest management and biodiversity": the role of protected areas is greater than the sum of its number of species

M. Mikoláš et al.
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Clear-fellings to introduce heterogeneity can be an important component of a forest management plan. However, it is misleading to compare clear-fellings to protected areas dominated by old-growth forests using a simplistic measure of biodiversity and without a landscape perspective. To minimize the well-documented role of protected areas can have adverse effects on forested landscapes, primary forest remnants, and taxa that rely on forest structural elements characteristic of old-growth forests.
Clear-fellings to introduce heterogeneity can be an important component of a forest management...