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28 Apr 2016
Overview of the translocation of rupestrian ferruginous fields of Capão Xavier mine to the Serra do Rola Moça State Park, Minas Gerais – Brazil
Alessandra F. Fernandes, Ana C. Maia, Juan F. S. Monteiro, João N. Condé, and Mauro Martins
Web Ecol., 16, 93-96, doi:10.5194/we-16-93-2016, 2016
22 Apr 2016
Effects of warming on a Mediterranean phytoplankton community
Silvia Pulina, Andreas Brutemark, Sanna Suikkanen, Bachisio M. Padedda, Lorena M. Grubisic, Cecilia T. Satta, Tiziana Caddeo, Pasqualina Farina, Nicola Sechi, and Antonella Lugliè
Web Ecol., 16, 89-92, doi:10.5194/we-16-89-2016, 2016
12 Apr 2016
Comparison of heavy-metal bioaccumulation properties in Pinus sp. and Quercus sp. in selected European Cu deposits
Peter Andráš, Ingrid Turisová, Giuseppe Buccheri, João Manuel Xavier de Matos, and Vojtech Dirner
Web Ecol., 16, 81-87, doi:10.5194/we-16-81-2016, 2016
09 Mar 2016
Greening offshore wind with the Smart Wind Chart evaluation tool
Takvor Soukissian, Sofia Reizopoulou, Paraskevi Drakopoulou, Panagiotis Axaopoulos, Flora Karathanasi, Simona Fraschetti, Laura Bray, Federica Foglini, Anastasios Papadopoulos, Francesco De Leo, Chara Kyriakidou, Evangelos Voukouvalas, Evangelos Papathanassiou, and Ferdinando Boero
Web Ecol., 16, 73-80, doi:10.5194/we-16-73-2016, 2016
01 Mar 2016
Biodiversity offsetting in England: governance rescaling, socio-spatial injustices, and the neoliberalization of nature
Evangelia Apostolopoulou
Web Ecol., 16, 67-71, doi:10.5194/we-16-67-2016, 2016
17 Feb 2016
Vulnerability, resilience, hazard, risk, damage, and loss: a socio-ecological framework for natural disaster analysis
Marco Modica and Roberto Zoboli
Web Ecol., 16, 59-62, doi:10.5194/we-16-59-2016, 2016
17 Feb 2016
Human population density and tenebrionid richness covary in Mediterranean islands
Simone Fattorini and Giovanni Strona
Web Ecol., 16, 63-65, doi:10.5194/we-16-63-2016, 2016
11 Feb 2016
Impacts of land-use intensification on litter decomposition in western Kenya
G. H. Kagezi, M. Kaib, P. Nyeko, C. Bakuneeta, M. Schädler, J. Stadler, and R. Brandl
Web Ecol., 16, 51-58, doi:10.5194/we-16-51-2016, 2016
09 Feb 2016
Insects and the city: what island biogeography tells us about insect conservation in urban areas
S. Fattorini
Web Ecol., 16, 41-45, doi:10.5194/we-16-41-2016, 2016
09 Feb 2016
Using niche models of indicator species to predict the distribution of xerophytic shrub dune communities
R. M. Chefaoui, S. Chozas, O. Correia, A. M. C. Santos, and J. Hortal
Web Ecol., 16, 47-49, doi:10.5194/we-16-47-2016, 2016
04 Feb 2016
Using fish assemblage to identify success criteria for seagrass habitat restoration
L. Scapin, M. Zucchetta, C. Facca, A. Sfriso, and P. Franzoi
Web Ecol., 16, 33-36, doi:10.5194/we-16-33-2016, 2016
04 Feb 2016
Potential climate-induced distributions of Lophodermium needle cast across central Siberia in the 21 century
N. M. Tchebakova, N. A. Kuzmina, E. I. Parfenova, V. A. Senashova, and S. R. Kuzmin
Web Ecol., 16, 37-39, doi:10.5194/we-16-37-2016, 2016
02 Feb 2016
Incorporating natural and human factors in habitat modelling and spatial prioritisation for the Lynx lynx martinoi
K. Laze and A. Gordon
Web Ecol., 16, 17-31, doi:10.5194/we-16-17-2016, 2016
01 Feb 2016
Protected areas network and conservation efforts concerning threatened amphibians in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
F. S. Campos, G. A. Llorente, L. Rincón, R. Lourenço-de-Moraes, and M. Solé
Web Ecol., 16, 9-12, doi:10.5194/we-16-9-2016, 2016
01 Feb 2016
Relations between environmental gradients and diversity indices of benthic invertebrates in lotic systems of northern Italy
V. G. Aschonitis, G. Castaldelli, and E. A. Fano
Web Ecol., 16, 13-15, doi:10.5194/we-16-13-2016, 2016
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